Monday, August 24, 2009

Nine Problems Worth Solving

Statutory Warning
The following problems may or may not
> worth solving!
> ...have solutions!
> ...have been solved already!

Scenario: We want to keep ourselves cool and comfortable irrespective of prevailing weather conditions

Existing solutions:
Use a ceiling fan or an air conditioner

Problem with existing solutions: They tend to cool our surrounding objects as well leading to wastage of energy!

"Find a way to cool ourselves in a more efficient manner"

Scenario: You are traveling by a vehicle, say a car or a bus and want to write something legibly

"Find a way to enable writing smoothly in a moving vehicle"

You are watching TV with all your lights switched on and then you fall asleep

"Find a way to detect sleep and accordingly take
action - switch off TV, lights etc."


Scenario: You have your speakers on when you suddenly get to hear an annoying buzzing sound due to someone's cell phone coming near the speaker

"Why does the electro-magnetic interference between a cell-phone and a speaker sound the way it does? How to avoid it?"

You do not switch off your PC when y
ou go out for say 10 minutes since you do not want to waste 2-3 minutes booting it up again

"Find a way to boot a PC in a second!"


Scenario: You and your friend have a pen drive each. You want to give him some data from your pen drive. There are no PCs or laptops around

"Find a way to directly transfer data from one pen drive to another"



"Device a method to enable a physical
ly challenged person to move up a staircase"


Scenario: You saw a dream that you want to share or you saw a criminal committing a crime.

"Is it possible to convert a dream into a video or a mental image into a photograph?"


Scenario: It is common to have two switches controlling a single light bulb that lights up a staircase - one switch at the bottom and the other at the top of the staircase.

"Is it possible to have n number of such switches at intermediate floors?"